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The Lessor            : ………………………….
Address           :  …………………..
Nationality           :  Viet Nam
Tel. No.           :  ……………………..
ID Card No            :  …………..        Issue on : ……………  at ………………



The Lessee                 : …………………..
Address                      : …………………………
Nationality                  : ………………..
Passport  No               :  ……………….    Issue:
Tel. No                       : …………………

Both parties ( THE LESSEE and THE LESSOR) agree to sign this HOUSE LEASE CONTRACT ('This Lease Contract') under the following terms and conditions:

The  House located : …………………….


1.    Purpose of use: For residential purpose for Mr. WOUTE HONRISCUS  SEBEN

2.    The house, electricity & water supply systems will be handed over to the LESSEE in proper/good working conditions.

3.    Duration of the lease is one (01) years commencing on July 5, 2008  and expiring on July 5, 2009, with THE LESSEE having the priority to extend at the end of this rental period.

4.    The rent is USD1000 per month (US dollars One Thousand ) gross amount and is unchanged during the lease duration.

    The above said rent is the payable price of the rent of house including the tax of the house.
         Excluding the charges for using electricity and water supply, Internet, cable T.V, rubbish collection, telephone fee, management fee, car parking…. These charges shall be paid by the LESSEE according to the actual consumption.


1.   The rent will be paid in by cash ( USD)
2.    Security Deposit: The LESSEE will pay Security Deposit equivalent to three  (03) month rent upon signing of this Lease. Security Deposit will be refunded in full within 30 days from the lease expiration after deducting the cost of water, electricity, telephone, cable TV, Internet, rubish fee, management fee, car parking fee bills and others used by LESSEEE. The deposit will not arise the interest

Amount:  1,000USD x 3months = 3,000USD (Three Thousand US Dollar)

3.    The rent: The first payment: THE LESSEE will pay one (01) months rent in advance to THE LESSOR within the first (05) working days after the moving date.

Amount:  1,000USD X 1month = 1,000USD (One Thousand US Dollar)

Thereafter, subsequent payment by THE LESSEE to the LESSOR will be paid every one (01) month in advance within the first five (05) working days of the payment period.


1.    The Lessor is to hand over the house, its facilities and equipments to The Lessee on the fixed date in the Contract.

2.    To ensure the LESSEE's right to occupy the house fully and separately.

3.    To fully service all installed air-conditioners and Electricity every Six (06) months

4.    To repair promptly all the damages related to the construction structure. To repair promptly all the damages of air conditioners system, electric, water system of the house after being informed by the LESSEE if these damages are not cause by the LESSEE. If those problems arise repeatedly and are not fixed in a timely manner in one month, the LESSEE has the right to terminate the Lease by one month prior notice to the LESSOR.

5.    The LESSOR bears the responsibilities for assisting the LESSEE in implementing all regulations and rules defined by the Vietnamese laws on registration of provisional stay or temporary absence with the concerned agencies.


1.    To pay the rent and monthly bills fully and in due time. If payment is late and violates the agreement in Article II.3, The Lessee must bear a penalty of 0.2% on debt for each late day and not later than 15 days.

2.    (a) To use the covenanted house in compliance with the above said purposes. Whenever the LESSEE wishes to repair or renovate the house for his purposes, he must receive the  LESSOR's consent (such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld) and comply with the regulations on construction.

(b) When the contract expires or the house is returned, the LESSEE has the responsibility to hand over to the LESSOR the house with its existing constructions and installations, including additional repairs, renovations and fixtures, additionally installed or changed by the LESSEE  (such as lavatory, bath-tub...) without any right for compensation spent on these works. Except for normal wear and tear, the house must be in normal state of use and intactness. Mobile equipment additionally installed by the LESSEE (such as air conditioners, water-heaters, and the likes) will belong to the LESSEE's ownership and be at its disposal when the contract expires.

3.    To bear all reasonable costs for repairing the damages caused by negligence of the LESSEE to the house (excepting damages mentioned in Article III.4) and to sewage systems during the tenure of the Lease.

4.     To take all responsibilities for loss of facilities, furniture in the house, his personal property.

5.    To abide by all regulations and rules on environmental hygiene, public order and security and to implement internal regulations on fire prevention and fire fighting.

6.    To be responsible for observing all regulations and rules defined by Vietnamese laws on registration and provisional stay or temporary absence with the concerned agencies.

7.     Termination of lease in advance of expiry:

    a) THE LESSEE want to terminate the lease prior to its expiry, The LESSEE has to forfeit its deposit amount.
b)  THE LESSOR wants to terminate the lease prior to its expiry, THE LESSOR has to:
    Refund to THE LESSEE the deposit amount three (03) month
    Compensate THE LESSEE with an amount equivalent to 100% of the deposit amount three (03) month
    Refund to THE LESSEE the amount of prepaid rental which has not been used yet.

If there is a need to do the maintenance or repair work, the LESSOR must inform the LESSEE in advance and the latter must create favourable conditions to enable the LESSOR to carry out the work mentioned above. If the LESSEE unreasonably hinders the repair thus endangering the safety of the house, then the LESSEE must bear the reasonable costs arising from the consequences.


1.    Both parties undertake to implement fully and correctly the signed contract. All changes and additions to this lease must be agreed upon in writing by both parties.

2.    On the issuance of any legislation by a competent authority concerning house leasing, etc., this House Lease will be adjusted in accordance with Vietnamese laws and regulations.

3.    The contract is terminated in the following cases:
(a)    On expiration of the contract.
(b)    The rented house is burned out (not caused by negligence of the LESSEE) or has to be demolished according to the decision of the competent authorities. In this case, the LESSOR will reimburse the prepaid unused rent.
(c)    Not to pay rent when due as provided in articles II.3    
(d)    The LESSEE sublets the house without the LESSOR's approval.
(e)    Upon the proposal made by either party and agreed with by the other one.
(f)    In accordance with Article IV.7.

 In the cases: (a), (b), and (e) the security deposit will be returned to THE LESSEE after deducting all utility charges.
In case  : 7b- article IV, the security deposit will be returned to THE LESSEE and The LESSOR has to compensate THE LESSEE with an amount equivalent to 100% of the deposit amount three (03) month
4.    In case there is any dispute or in case of breach of the contract by either party, the matter will be settled through reconciliation and negotiation. If solution is not found within thirty (30) days from the notification by one party to the other about the dispute, the matter may be referred to an Authorized Court in Ho Chi Minh City and its settlement will be final.

5.    This House Lease is made in 4 copies, 2 in Vietnamese and 2 in English having equal validity. Two copies in each language will be retained by the LESSEE and the other two copies by the LESSOR.

6.    The contract is attached by the appendix, hand over minutes, agreement minutes between THE LESSOR and THE LESSEE.

7.    Upon the expiration of the contract, in case one of the parties wishes to extend the contract or sign a new one, he must inform the other party in writing at least one (1) month in advance.

8.    This House Lease comes into force from the signing date.

Ho Chi Minh City, July 05, 2008

    THE LESSOR                             THE LESSEE
                 (Signature)                                                                         (Signature)      

   PHAN PHUONG MAI                  WOUTE  HONRISCUS  SEBEN       


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